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Epson Proofing Paper Standard - Roll A1 (61.0 cm x 50 m) 1 roll(s) proofing paper

Epson Proofing Paper Standard - Roll A1 (61.0 cm x 50 m) 1 roll(s) proofing paper
Epson Proofing Paper Standard, Roll A1 (61.0 cm x 50 m) 1 roll(s) proofing paper, for SureColor SC-P10000, P20000, P6000, P7000, P8000, P9000, T3000, T3200, T5200, T7000, T7200
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Description - Epson Proofing Paper Standard - Roll A1 (61.0 cm x 50 m) 1 roll(s) proofing paper
    Standard Proofing Paper has a Fogra 39 certification, which is becoming the European standard. Offering the widest colour gamut available for accurate colour reproductions, this paper provides a base colour, weight and gloss level designed to match colour-critical commercial offset, press applications. Optimised for proofing applications, when used with our Epson UltraChrome K3 Ink with Vivid magenta, this media delivers outstanding short-term stability.Like all Epson innovative media, this paper is engineered to give you the highest resolution and colour saturation possible. As always, Epson supplies guarantee Epson quality.Overview- FOGRA certification for Offset PT1/PT2/PT3, Flexo, Gravure S1/S2/S3/S4- Paper white point 95, 0 -2 optimised for FOGRA39- Controlled white point accuracy less than ? E 1.0- Free from Optical Brightener- 205 g/m , 200 microns- Semi matte finish- Dries instantly.

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    Technical data - Epson Proofing Paper Standard - Roll A1 (61.0 cm x 50 m) 1 roll(s) proofing paper


    Media Type Proofing paper
    Media Sizes Roll A1 (61.0 cm x 50 m)
    Printing Technology Ink-jet
    Included Qty 1 roll(s)

    Compatibility Information

    Compatible with Epson Stylus Pro 11880, Pro 11880 AGFA, Pro 11880 Xerox, Pro 7600, Pro 7700, Pro 7800, Pro 7880, Pro 7890, Pro 7890 AGFA, Pro 7900, Pro 7900 AGFA, Pro 7900 Designer Edition, Pro 9600, Pro 9700, Pro 9800, Pro 9880, Pro 9890, Pro 9890 AGFA, Pro 9900, Pro WT7900, Pro WT7900 Designer Edition
    Epson SureColor SC-P10000, SC-P20000, SC-P6000, SC-P7000, SC-P7000V, SC-P8000, SC-P9000, SC-P9000V, SC-T3000, SC-T3000 POS, SC-T3000 w/o stand, SC-T3200, SC-T3200 w/o stand, SC-T3200-PS, SC-T5000, SC-T5000 POS, SC-T5200, SC-T5200D, SC-T5200DMFP, SC-T5200D-PS, SC-T5200MFP, SC-T5200-PS, SC-T7000, SC-T7000 POS, SC-T7200, SC-T7200 MFP, SC-T7200D, SC-T7200D MFP, SC-T7200D-PS, SC-T7200-PS


    • Stylus Pro 11880, Stylus Pro 11880 AGFA, Stylus Pro 11880 Xerox, Stylus Pro 7600, Stylus Pro 7700, Stylus Pro 7800, Stylus Pro 7880, Stylus Pro 7890, Stylus Pro 7890 AGFA, Stylus Pro 7900, Stylus Pro 7900 AGFA, Stylus Pro 7900 Designer Edition, Stylus Pro 9600, Stylus Pro 9700, Stylus Pro 9800, Stylus Pro 9880, Stylus Pro 9890, Stylus Pro 9890 AGFA, Stylus Pro 9900, Stylus Pro WT7900, Stylus Pro WT7900 Designer Edition, SureColor SC-P10000, SureColor SC-P20000, SureColor SC-P6000, SureColor SC-P7000, SureColor SC-P7000V, SureColor SC-P8000, SureColor SC-P9000, SureColor SC-P9000V, SureColor SC-T3000, SureColor SC-T3000 POS, SureColor SC-T3000 w/o stand, SureColor SC-T3200, SureColor SC-T3200 w/o stand, SureColor SC-T3200-PS, SureColor SC-T5000, SureColor SC-T5000 POS, SureColor SC-T5200, SureColor SC-T5200D, SureColor SC-T5200DMFP, SureColor SC-T5200D-PS, SureColor SC-T5200MFP, SureColor SC-T5200-PS, SureColor SC-T7000, SureColor SC-T7000 POS, SureColor SC-T7200, SureColor SC-T7200 MFP, SureColor SC-T7200D, SureColor SC-T7200D MFP, SureColor SC-T7200D-PS, SureColor SC-T7200-PS