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Allied Telesis Management Framework Controller - Subscription licence (5 years)

Allied Telesis Management Framework Controller - Subscription licence (5 years)
Manuf.No.: AT-FL-CF9-AC10-5YR
Art.No.: S17557290
Product group: Applications /
Manufacturer: Allied Telesis
Allied Telesis Management Framework Controller, Subscription licence (5 years), 10 areas
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AMF is a proven solution for saving time and reducing cost by automating many every day network management tasks. The AMF Controller allows the benefits of AMF to be applied to much larger networks to multiply the administrative time and cost savings.A single AMF Master can support up to 120 devices, which is ideal for small to medium sized Enterprise networks. For larger networks, the AMF Controller extends the benefits of AMF to over 7,000 devices, even across different locations in different time zones. It enables time and money to be saved on a much larger scale, and for the global network as a whole to take advantage of the single-point of management, automated backup and auto-recovery features of AMF.


Category Networking applications - monitoring & performance management
Product Type Subscription licence - 5 years


Licence Type 10 areas