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Cisco Services for Intrusion Prevention Systems Advance Replacement - Extended service agreement

Cisco Services for Intrusion Prevention Systems Advance Replacement - Extended service agreement
Manuf.No.: CON-SU4-SMS-1000
Art.No.: S3632677
Product group: Network Service & Support /
Manufacturer: Cisco
Cisco Services for Intrusion Prevention Systems Advance Replacement, Extended service agreement, replacement, 1 year, shipment, 24x7, response time: 2 h
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Security is critical to the intelligent information network. Security must be ubiquitous in the network, from network operations to individual devices. This integrated approach is the foundation upon which a self-defending network can be built, one that responds to threats and prevents infected devices from attaching to the network.Without the proper protection, your network is vulnerable to viruses, worms, denial-of-service attacks, and other internal and external threats that could degrade network performance, compromise the integrity and privacy of sensitive data, or disrupt business continuity. The challenge is to implement a security solution that actively blocks this deviant network traffic while simultaneously allowing authorized traffic to flow freely.To meet this challenge, you must take a comprehensive approach to security by integrating intelligent products with technical support services such as Cisco Services for Intrusion Prevention Systems (Cisco Services for IPS). An extensive, embedded library of signature files is used to monitor for malicious or unauthorized anomalies and misuse. Cisco Services for IPS includes signature file updates to help ensure that your IPS, which monitors and analyzes traffic in real-time, uses the most current information. Because the nature of threats is constantly changing, it is also important to take advantage of support services that augment the protection you receive through Cisco Services for IPS.Together, Cisco IPS and Cisco Services for IPS are components of a self-defending network infrastructure. Cisco IPS defends against known network threats. Cisco Services for IPS provides essential, ongoing support to further safeguard your network and help ensure that your IPS solution - and the signature files it maintains - are always up to date.


Service Included Replacement
Location Shipment
Full Contract Period 1 year
Response Time 2 hours
Service Availability 24 hours a day / 7 days a week


Service & Support Extended service agreement - replacement - 1 year - response time: 2 hours - availability: 24 hours a day / Monday-Sunday
Technical support - phone consulting - 1 year
Product info support - e-mail notification - 1 year
Product info support - web knowledge base access - 1 year
Intrusion definitions update - 1 year
New releases update - 1 year